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In 1996, ERREGI Elettronica, meeting the requests of large customers, changed headquarters due to the need to operate in larger spaces and equipped itself with production lines. This was also successfully venturing into the assembly of complex mechanics for computer printers. This experience still bears fruit today, allowing it not to consider any production difficulties insurmountable.

In the last five years, ERREGI Elettronica has developed the offer of new services such as the design of electronic systems, even of considerable complexity.



ERREGI Elettronica was an important component in the process of this project, carried out in collaboration with TIM and OLIVETTI and reaching the Guinness World Records for the largest robot-dancing crew.


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Olivetti PRT 80FX

Hardware rework, weight anti-tipping and firmware upgrade for telematic features.

Contact us, we can help you to find a solution for your electronic projects.

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