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Research & Development

From some years now, Erregi Elettronica has become a partner with RED | Research & Design by creating an efficient research and development service, trying to understand customer needs and creating innovative and useful products.

We design and create any type of solution you need!

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PWDP Project

The Punctual Waste Disposal Pricing is the first IoT device waste bin upgrade for Smart Cities.






AUTONOMOUS: no skills or intervention by operators
COSTS: re-use of existing bins without new custom design
SMART CITIES ENABLER: hundred of thousand IoT devices connected
EXTRA FEATURES: add other sensors (e.g. air quality, barometer, etc.) and services



fast targeting

MIMAS is an integrated service capable of simultaneously managing coast guard vehicles and sharing intervention details in real time, from the General Command to the patrol boat.






INTEGRATION: view and coordinate all the aid chain in real time
CUSTOMIZATION AND SIMPLICITY OF IMPLEMENTATION: 3 levels of interoperability, each with customized functionalities
with a simple click you share the information essential for the good success of aid


Flying Bite Dispencer

The F.B.D.  a machine bound to the vaccination campaign over extensive lands against the endemic disease.

This machine can be used to scatter equally over extensive lands medicinal baits.






VERSATILITY: able to manage products of different kind pell-mell
CUSTOMIZATION: you can set the required parameters through the console.
AUTONOMY: is an autonomous structure weighing about 60Kg, it can contains from 100 to 200 baits.
PREVENTION: it was built to prevent endemic diseases

If you have an idea contact us, we will help you develop it and make it real.

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