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Wiring harness assembly

ERREGI Elettronica has been specializing in the production of all types of electrical wiring for more than thirty years.

With this experience, the company is able to provide a complete service for  tailor-made wiring.

From the raw material to the most complex wiring.

Cables and wiring

Automotive wiring

Electrical wiring with components from the Automotive sector in compliance with ISO / TS standards, and UL and AVSS standards.

Flat/IDC wiring

Wiring with Flat Cable, or Round / Flat cable, or single wires, UL / CSA, we are able to wire all the various types of Flat connections, from Micromatch, Picoflex, Mascon, Flatcable D-Sub, Idc insulation perforation and Transition, from 4 to 60 Poles, and from Pitch 0,635 to Pitch 2,54

Coaxial wiring

Wiring of coaxial and microcoaxial RF cables. for different sectors: Nautical, Automotive, Military, Medical, Home automation, and the widest choice of coaxial connectors: BNC, N, SMA, MCX, MMCX, BNC, TNC, 7/16; to be printed, to crimp on cable, and from panel.

Circular cables M8/M12

Co-molded cables and connection harnesses, with M8 and / or M12 connectors, with various codes.

Signal cables

Unipolar and Multipolar Cables, for multiple sectors, with the choice of over 100 types of electrical connection, standard or customized on specific customer request

Supply cables

Supply cables with die-cast plug, and / or approved connections for the most varied uses, standard or customized. Production and supplies with lengths, number of poles, and second-sided definitions as needed.

Power cables

Power wiring with cables from 0.25 mm to 35 mm in Rubber, Pvc; Silicone and special, with pre-insulated and / or bare terminals, various connections from Ilme, Harting and Hirschmann, and all crimping are performed using manual pliers, and / or pneumatic presses, for high-quality and heavy applications.

Network/Telephone cables

Cables from the "classic" telephone strip, to Cat.5e, Cat.6 Cat.7A cables, in the various declinations UTP, FTP, SFTP, ISTP, to those with bonded-pairs.

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